Windows Live Writer is a great editor, i cannot possibly express the value of a good editor used for adding and editing content on the fly.

It is already implemented in many great existing blog systems out there, and it isn’t hard implementing on your own website. It is a great editor and i think you would be crazy not to use it.


Other than that, Windows Live Writer has a large amount of plug-ins that you could download from the Live Gallery over at Live Gallery. An example of that would be the PreCode Snippet, If you ever used Syntax Highlighter you know how important it is for a technical blog, and the benefits of such a tool.


the PreCode Snippet allows you to link to code straight in your editor in a convenient way, no more messing around with tags or escaping ‘<’ characters by yourself.

Here is an example of what PreCode could do, and what it looks like on a real site.


public class Main()
Foo foo = new Foo { foo = "Foo" };
public void MoreFoo(Foo foo)
foo != null
? Console.WriteLine("Yay more Foo!")
: Console.WriteLine("Boo! We want more Foo!");
view raw example.cs hosted with ❤ by GitHub

I Highly recommend implementing this great editor for use with your website or check if your current blog system supports it.

I always thought those kind of comments are pretty silly, yet they are so common.
What could possibly benefit you from being the first commenter on some article of some sorts?
Thats beyond me, anyway back on topic.


This is the first post that i am posting using the indoor admin system, later on i will look on adding Windows Live Writer which i think is a great editor, but one thing at a time.


I will also test out the comment system provided by Disqus, I have seen a great increase in this commenting system being used, including high traffic websites so i thought i’d give it a try, and i must say it feels great so far.