As I was setting up my VPS to host this site, I came across the need to set up an automated backup of my databases. After a little research I found out that SQL Server Express editions did not have such a feature, at which point i was very disappointed.


After some more research I found a few tutorials across the web suggesting to do such a thing with batch scripting, by issuing a BACKUP DATABASE query, sadly this could not work for me.

If I was to set up more databases i would have to add them manually to the batch file each time, which is quite inconvenient and if I were to want a different backup type such as full other than differential or I would like to change the location of the backup, I would have to edit this batch file, once again.


So I have stepped up to the job and created a small console application using .NET 3.5 that would do this for me.
The application has a few features and allows me to change the configuration by using parameters which are run along with the application.

SQL Backup Utility


I have shared this application on Google code, you can see the project page here: SQLBackup Utility.

You can also view the source here: SQLBackup Utility Source.


Update: Now added Dropbox upload functionality have both local and remote copies.


Feel free to use it by the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.