Gisto is an open source cross platform desktop application for managing your GitHub gists.

While I always loved GitHub Gists for ease of creating and sharing little code snippets it always quite lacked in features, this is why Sasha Khamkov and I have decided to build Gisto.


Gisto lets you use all kinds of features you wish you could with the web interface such as searching, tagging and sharing gists quickly between users. An upcoming version will also contain GitHub Enterprise support, until it releases you may download a nightly version of our automated builds, please note that these are development builds and are not considered stable.


You can download the nightly versions here:


For further information you can visit our GitHub Repository or drop by our website.

As I was setting up my VPS to host this site, i came across the need to set up an automated backup of my databases. After a little research I found out that SQL Server Express editions did not have such a feature, at which point i was very disappointed.


After some more research I found a few tutorials across the web suggesting to do such a thing with batch scripting, by issuing a BACKUP DATABASE query, sadly this could not work for me.


If I was to set up more databases I would have to add them manually to the batch file each time, which is quite inconvenient and if I were to want a different backup type such as full other than differential or I would like to change the location of the backup, I would have to edit this batch file, once again.


So I stepped up to the job and created a small console application using .NET 2 that would do this for me.

The application has a few features and allows me to change the configuration by using parameters which are specified at runtime.


SQL Backup Utility





















I have shared this application on GitHub, you can see the project page here: SQLBackup Utility.

Update: Now added Dropbox upload functionality to have both local and remote copies.


Feel free to use it under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.