At a young age I developed a passion for computers and its science, I learned a variety of computing tasks such as configuring networks, solving software and hardware issues and general computer maintenance.

Eventually I have resolved to my most favorite field of practice: Developing.

I started developing at a young age, I have started my road with Basic using the QBasic IDE.

I have made quite a few simple applications on it, this is when I first learned how much i enjoy programming,

and how rewarding it could be.

Afterwards I have continued on to programming on Pascal which was also a quite fun experience.

Years have passed and technology has advanced greatly, the web became a viable platform, it keeps getting even stronger.

Realizing this I developed a desire to build my very own Website, I started learning the web basics such as HTML and CSS and continued on to PHP with MySQL as my server side language with database backend.

During my time in the army, during my spare time i developed an application along with an associate for Facebook which was just at the start of penetration in Israel.

Later that year, I put up the application for sale and sold my very first application.

A few months passed and I used the skills I acquired to build a website for a local pub called Unplugged.

This site was the first one i built from scratch and sold to a business.

Unfortunately I had little time in army and i had to delay my plans on continuing to produce such content.

When I finally left the army at the end of 2008 I started learning programming professionally at college.

At college I took a course learning both Java and C#, It covered about everything you can do in those languages starting from desktop applications using JavaSE and ASP.NET WinForms to web applications using JavaEE and ASP.NET WebForms as well as mobile development in JavaME.

At the end of the course I was selected as an Honorary student and had been informed that this institute had wanted to launch an iPhone development course, if this course was really going to take place and I was interested, i wouldn’t have to pay tuition fee.

Since I am a phone enthusiast, I could not refuse to that offer and few months later I started the course.

In this course I have learned the Objective-C language which is used for developing to the iPhone and Mac in general, using the XCode IDE.

I am currently employed at Operad as a full time web developer.